Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blessed to be here by Lori

Dear friends and family,

Bonjour mes ami!  I send my love to all from the Congo.  It is truly a blessing that God has permitted us to come to this place and to love these beautiful people.  Sunday worship was awesome!  It was longer than our worship services, but if was so full of joy and the Holy Spirit that not one person minded.  The total participation from the small children to the adults during four hours of worship and celebration was amazing! 

The people have greeted us with open arms and have shown us such hospitality.  Since we arrived on Saturday in Pointe Noire, we have eaten two delicious home cooked meals by the women of the church.  I have been so moved by the church people’s generosity and kindness.  Barbara MacDonald, you were right.  I want to bring all the children home!  We look forward to the days ahead and all that blessings that God has in store for us. Keep us in your prayers.  I remain in His love.

Love, Lori

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  1. Babe: Mom say hi, Linda is taking good care of her. We saw Sophie the sheep, looks like you had a great time with the kids. Mom enjoyed the messages on the blog. We are keeping you and the rest of the mission team in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love ya Always
    Ron, Sue & Mom