Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greetings to all from Missionary Fred Reinhardt

Greetings to all at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Topsfield!

This is your missionary, Rev. Frederick Reinhardt.  I just wanted to thank you as well as the pastor and members at Mount Calvary Lutheran, Ft. Wayne, for supporting Matthew, Lori, Stephanie, and Scott to be able to make this “first” of a mission trip:  first time for Lori, Stephanie and Scott in Africa, first time for Matthew in the Congo, and the first team of short-term LCMS missionaries to visit the Republic of the Congo!   The President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Congo (EELC) is so happy to accompany us, and he is very pleased at the spiritual encouragement that the team brings, as well as the teaching, the excitement, the friendship, and the creative activities.  The six of us get along well, and make very good travelling companions.  This is also a “first” for me, as I have never before had my “own” short-term team to accompany and introduce to one of the national churches with which I work as the Area Facilitator for Francophone Central and East Africa.  Africa is an adventure, and we are having the opportunity to experience it together, while hopefully being a blessing and edification to the Church in this place!   We are certainly being greatly blessed by the people here and the whole experience.  I thank God for you all, and am looking forward to visiting you in early December when on furlough later this year!

God bless you,
    Missionary Fred Reinhardt

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