Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traveling adventures and Encouraging the women by Lori

Dear family and friends,

As Scott has already given you the lowdown about our adventures so far, we have decided that there are new meanings to certain phrases such as ‘four wheeling’, ‘detour on outer road’ and ‘eat my dust.’  Our drivers have been wonderful to keep us safe and get us to our destinations without any harm. 
We have to use taxis for most transportation and I have to say they are the most skilled drivers I have ever seen.  Their judgment on distance and maneuvering around other vehicles, pedestrians, goats, chickens and any other known thing to cross their paths is a sight to behold (if your eyes are opened).  

On a more serious note, for myself, greeting one on one certain ladies of the congregations has been a true blessing from God.  It is a joy to see their happiness when they see you care for and love them.  As for the children, they are truly beautiful and are happiest when we give them just a little attention.  I am looking forward to our next congregation.  Each congregation is a reminder to me that it doesn’t matter what type of building we worship in—God is ALWAYS present. 

He loved me first!

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